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Sarah Palin Has Never Heard Kissinger Say, "Yeah"

Posted in Uncategorized by allisonkilkenny on September 26, 2008

From Daily Kos

By now everyone has seen the trainwreck of an interview that Sarah Palin did with Katie Couric yesterday, but with all of the attention paid to her truly idiotic claim that she’s been protecting the lower forty-eight from the lurking Vladimir Putin, this portion of the interview has been lost in the shuffle.

COURIC: You met yesterday with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who is for direct diplomacy with both Iran and Syria. Do you believe the U.S. should negotiate with leaders like President Assad and Ahmadinejad?

PALIN: I think, with Ahmadinejad, personally, he is not one to negotiate with. You can’t just sit down with him with no preconditions being met. Barack Obama is so off-base in his proclamation that he would meet with some of these leaders around our world who would seek to destroy America and that, and without preconditions being met. That’s beyond naïve. And it’s beyond bad judgment.

COURIC: Are you saying Henry Kissinger …

PALIN: It’s dangerous.

COURIC: … is naïve for supporting that?

PALIN: I’ve never heard Henry Kissinger say, “Yeah, I’ll meet with these leaders without preconditions being met.”

Well, I don’t think anyone has ever heard Henry Kissinger say, “yeah,” but here is what he did have to say last week:

Well, I am in favor of negotiating with Iran. And one utility of negotiation is to put before Iran our vision of a Middle East, of a stable Middle East, and our notion on nuclear proliferation at a high enough level so that they have to study it. And, therefore, I actually have preferred doing it at the secretary of state level so that we — we know we’re dealing with authentic…

But I do not believe that we can make conditions for the opening of negotiations. We ought, however, to be very clear about the content of negotiations and work it out with other countries and with our own government.

So, when Palin met with Kissinger the other day, what did they talk about? How naive he is?

And in case anyone missed the magic:


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