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Clinton Foundation Donor List: Tens Of Millions Of Dollars Raised From Foreign Governments

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From AP:

s-clinton-largeFormer President Bill Clinton’s foundation has raised tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments that his wife will engage as the next secretary of state.

The former president’s foundation is releasing a list of its donors Thursday under an agreement that cleared the way for President-elect Barack Obama to nominate Hillary Rodham Clinton as secretary of state.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gave more than $10 million to the foundation, which pays for Clinton’s presidential library and his charitable work around the world. Other foreign government givers include Norway, Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei, Oman, Italy and Jamaica. Indian interests are represented.

The huge donor list is packed with international business leaders and billionaires.

The Clinton Foundation released a statement outlining the numerous initiatives that donor money has gone to:

The seven initiatives include: the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative, the Clinton Global Initiative, the Clinton Climate Initiative, the Clinton Hunter Development Initiative, the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative, the Clinton Economic Opportunity Initiative, and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. The Foundation also funded the construction of the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas, which was turned over to the people and government of the United States in November, 2004.

“I want to personally express my deepest appreciation to our many contributors, who remain steadfast partners in our work to impact the lives of so many around the world in measurable and meaningful ways.” said President Clinton. “We have just begun and it is an honor and privilege to be on this journey alongside each and every person who is committed to our foundation’s ongoing charitable mission.”

The Clinton Foundation has received contributions of all sizes, from people of all means. The median gift amount over the life of the Foundation is $45. Nearly 90% of gifts (179,000 contributors) are valued at $250 or below, with 12,000 individuals contributing $10 or less. In addition, in a sign of the significance of the cause and the effectiveness of the work, a noteworthy 57,000 contributors gave more than once to the Foundation and/or the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund.

Security Concerns Bring Down Ohio SoS Website

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Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner

Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner

From Dorri Steinhoff:

There may be “denial of service” attacks aimed at the Ohio Secretary of State’s website and office. This type of operation was detailed by Republican operative and convicted felon Allen Raymond in his book, How to Rig an Election: Confessions of a Republican Operative.

October 20, 2008 
For Immediate Release 
Secretary of State Website Temporarily Taken Down for Security Purposes

Ohio State Highway Patrol will assist with investigation

Columbus, Ohio –  Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner announced on 
Monday afternoon
 that the state website has been set in a static mode with
limited functionality as a precaution.  The Ohio State Highway Patrol will 
assist with an investigation of one or more security breaches detected by 
the Secretary of State.

“Due to security concerns experienced by the Secretary of State’s website, 
full functionality of the website has been suspended to protect the 
integrity of state records and data.  Full functionality will be restored 
when we are assured that all data has been protected to acceptable levels of
security,” said Secretary of State Brunner.

“Our focus is and has always been to protect the vote of every eligible Ohio 
voter from any kind of fraud, be it voter registration fraud, illegal voting 
or vote suppression.  This action has been taken to detect and prosecute any 
illegal breach of our voting infrastructure to maintain voter confidence,” 
said Secretary Brunner.

Unfortunately, this is not the first instance of direct assault on the 
operations of the Secretary of State’s office.  In recent weeks, phone lines 
and e-mail channels have been barraged, even in the business filings section 
of the office, with menacing messages and even threats of harm or death.  
Last week, a suspicious package covered with threatening messages and 
containing an unidentified powder was mailed to the Secretary of State’s 
 via the previous location of the Client Services Center.  These 
incidents are also under investigation.

The Secretary of State’s office will continue to work in the best interest 
of Ohio voters and the boards of elections as we continue our preparation 
for a successful election.


Media Contacts:

Jeff Ortega, Assistant Director of Communications – Media, (614) 466-0473.
Kevin Kidder, Media Relations Coordinator, (614) 995-2168