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Drunken Politics: Final Show in the UK with The Thermals!

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Drunken Politics sits down with the indie rock band, The Thermals. The band weaves a political message into their lyrics, and is famous for turning down a $50,000 offer from Hummer to include one of their songs in a commercial.

The Thermals
Hutch Harris (vocals and guitar), Kathy Foster (bass), and Westin Glass (drums).

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Every Wednesday on BTR

Every Wednesday on BTR

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Drunken Politics is a political-comedy radio show hosted by Allison Kilkenny and Jamie Kilstein. It’s basically CNN, but with way more swearing. We solemnly swear to bring you the real news (the unreported, underreported, and most essential stories) without mentioning any celebrities. 

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Drunken Politics: the FINAL “fuck you!” to former President Bush

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Every Wednesday on BTR

Every Wednesday on BTR

Drunken Politics Radio

Drunken Politics says their final “fuck-you!” to former President Bush and discuss shiny, brand new President Obama.

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Part 2 of Drunken Politics’ Interview with Palestinian Poet and Activist, Remi Kanazi

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Part 2:


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Every Wednesday on BTR

Every Wednesday on BTR

We highly recommend you pick up a copy of Remi’s excellent book, Poets For Palestine. It includes wonderful poetry and Palestinian art. Proceeds go to charity. 

Born in Western Massachusetts, Remi Kanazi is a Palestinian American poet and writer living in New York City. Much of his writing and poetry focuses on Palestinian life and politics. Remi is the co-founder and primary writer for the political website

Remi spoke with Drunken Politics about the situation in Gaza. He’s smart AND funny…wow!

Listen to Part 1 of the interview here!

Drunken Politics: Gay is the New Black

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Allison and Jamie talk about race, gay rights, Ann Coulter’s jaw and how apparently “Gay is the new Black”. 

Enjoy it, it’s Drunken Politics on BreakThru Radio. Check back at Breakthru Radio every Wednesday to hear new episodes of Drunken Politics.

Drunken Politics:


BreakThru Radio introduces Drunken Politics to the iPhone and iTouch

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New York, NY – BreakThru Radio introduces Drunken Politics to the iPhone and iTouch on-demand today. Your daily dose of alternative news. Drunken Politics Radio is for young people disillusioned with corporate media and a political system that doesn’t speak to them.

The other news channels claim young people are disengaged, apathetic citizens with no interest in politics or world news. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Barack Obama’s unprecedented on-line campaign demonstrates how engaged and enthusiastic young people are to participate in their government, and a recent New York Times article reports that young people are more liberal, and are more enthusiastic than ever about politics.

Drunken Politics caters to this untapped and impassioned demographic by speaking in a funny, informal jargon that the youth understands. The show balances satire and comedy with the real, important stories that viewers will never see or hear on corporate channels.

Hosts Jamie Kilstein (Comedy Central, BBC) and Allison Kilkenny (Huffington Post, The Nation) combine the political and the funny to present the news in a fresh, exciting way that young people love and understand. Past and future guests include Ralph Nader, Paul Provenza (Director of the Aristocrats) winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance and director of Why We Fight Eugene Jerecki, and recently Independent Vice Presidential candidate and Ralph Naders running mate Matt Gonzalez called them the two best journalists he has ever talked to.

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BreakThru Radio (BTR) is the World’s Source for the Best Independent Music on the Internet, where expert DJs expose the rich underground of sound not found on commercial radio. Whether it’s death metal, dancehall, dubstep, hip-hop, indie rock, skronk, roots country, reggae, electronica, acid jazz, ambient beats, dub, two-step or folk, whatever genre you can imagine, BTR has it well-stocked, and with no expiration date. 954 Lexington Ave., Suite 199, New York, NY 10021 Copyright 2008 BreakThru Radio. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Drunken Politics: November 2, 2008 Unfunny But Totally Real Headlines

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 As always, spot the FOX NEWS headline!

  • Defying the advise of his staff, priest, and the general consensus of America’s collective common sense, Dick Cheney has endorsed John McCain. Poor McCain. He’s spent all these months hiding from George W. Bush trying to swat away accusations of being another 4 years of failed Neo-conservative policies, and then old tricky Dick Cheney snuck up behind him and slit his throat with six little words: I Richard Cheney, Heart John McCain. This marks the first time in history that a political endorsement assassinated a candidate.
  • ABC reports that General David Petraeus wanted to meet with the president of Syria to talk about stabilizing relations with them and Iran, but President Bush said no. Bush instead, last week, attacked Syria and continues to threaten Iran. This in academic circles is refeared to as the theory of Bush. The theory states that when things are so fucked as opposed to using conventional common sense and pulling your self out of these prexcisting negative situations, you instead keep adding and adding more negative situations until eventually everyone gets tired, changes the channel and forgets what they were mad about in the first place. See, look, I even forgot. I think it was something about gays. 
  • The Dallas Morning News reports that military members may not have enough time to complete and mail in their absentee ballots. For those civilians listening, a typical military schedule goes as follows: wake up, shower, eat breakfast, travel out of the Green Zone, duck bullets and dodge IEDs, shoot at moving targets, get shot at by moving targets, get shot, hope your old gear will stop the bullet, come back to base, pray during forced religious services at lunch, go out of the Green Zone, get shot at, kill some innocent civilians, watch some of your buddies die, and then if there’s enough time at the end of the day, which there probably won’t be, participate in the democracy you’re supposedly protecting.
  • Oprah, in one of her patented awkward screaming and jumping moments, had something legitimate to be upset about this week when the electronic voting machine she used did not record her vote for Barack Obama. This, proving that no matter how much money you make, and how much power you have, Diebold electic voting machines will still steal your vote if it can sense that you’re black. We here at Drunken Politics would like to send out special advisory to Senator Barack Obama: When voting, please use a paper ballot.
  • Barack Obama ads are playing across television screens in Arizona, John McCain’s home state. After Obama secured leads in traditionally red states like Nevada and Colorado early this week, John McCain remarked that it seems like Obama is already measuring for curtains in the Oval Office. But running ads in McCain’s home state suggests he isn’t just measuring for curtains – he’s already moved into the White House and he’s changing the locks.
  • Governor Sarah Palin accused the media this week of violating her first amendment right when they said the vice-presidential candidate was “going negative.” So the press, using there freedom of the press, voiced their opinion, using their freedom of speech, and Sarah Palin accused them of violating her constitutional rights. After bracing themselves for a media backlash, fears subsided when her handlers came out saying, “Look, we were just really excited she knew what the Constitution was”. However, when Mrs. Palin was pressed to name one more amedment besides freedom of speech she responded with: “Roe V. Wade.” 
  • Since the national debt hit $10 trillion dollars in late September, the government has already added $500 million more dollars to the national debt. It’s finally clear what the GOP has been talking about this whole time – more profits for corporate crooks and corrupt oilmen, more cronyism in Washington, more billions in bailouts for Wall Street and more luxury retreats for CEOs and their golden parachutes. The surge IS working – just not for anyone except the rich and affluent. 
  • Studs Turkle, author and activist, died this week. He was quoted recently by Roger Ebert as saying: “‘This is ironic, I’m not the one was has Alzheimer’s. It’s the country that has Alzheimer’s. There was a survey the other day showing that most people think our best president was Reagan. Not Abraham Lincoln. FDR came in 10th. People don’t pay attention any more. They don’t read the news.’  Studs was everyone’s friend, he new jazz and gosple inside out. He loved to drink but was never seen drunk. He was blacklisted by McCarthy and proud of it. He spoke for people who were afraid to speak for themselves then in turn tought them how to use their voice. He was an atheist unapologetically liberal, a hero and a patriot. And like a true journalist he wrote his own epitaph, saying: Curiosity didn’t kill this cat.” That’s one more good guy down. Very few left to go. 
  • Naked Pumpkin Hat-Runner Ticketed in Colorado  

Drunken Politics: October 26, 2008 Unfunny But Totally Real Headlines

Posted in politics by allisonkilkenny on October 26, 2008

As always, try to spot the FOX NEWS headline!

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  • According to Rocky Mountain News, Denver elections officials are trying to figure out what happened to more than 11,000 mail ballots that have disappeared. The California printing company hired by Denver Elections said it delivered 21,450 ballots to the postal facility on that date, meaning 11,000 ballots are now missing. The news comes amid mounting complaints by Denver voters who had yet to receive their ballots as of Friday despite computer tracking records that say the ballots were sent on Oct. 15. So to all you paranoid lefties worrying about voter disenfranchisement on November 4th, relaaax. By then, there won’t even be ballots for you to scrawl your communist manifestos on.
  • Joe Lieberman has gone from staunchly defending John McCain to praising Barack Obama, who now has a strong lead in the poles. Joe Lieberman ran for vice-president when the Democrats should have won the race, then was a cheerleader for the war when the war was popular, went on to praise Barack Obama at the 2004 convention, then started campaigning for John McCain when he was popular, and now is back to praising Obama. There is even talk of Obama considering him for Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense. Well, it’s a good thing terrorists haven’t invaded our country or we would have Al-Qaeda Lieberman vying for a seat at there table.
  • According to The Public Record, President Bush has asked Attorney General Michael Mukasey to investigate whether newly registered voters in the battleground state of Ohio would have to reconfirm their voter registration information. The unprecedented intervention by the White House less than two weeks before the presidential election may result in 200,000 newly registered voters in Ohio not being able to vote on Election Day if they are forced to provide additional identification when they head to the polls. On the bright side, Ohio announced it’s officially changing its motto from the dogmatic “With God, All Things Are Possible,” to the decisively more peppy proclamation “Oh My God, They’re Stealing the Election Again.” Go, Ohio!
  • The New York Times reports that as the financial crisis lowers demand for American goods and services, the workers who produce them are losing their jobs by the tens of thousands. What the Times fails to mention is that Alan Greenspan, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve for nearly 20 years and the man responsible for much of the financial turmoil, considered Ayn Rand his mentor. So really, this whole thing is less a fiery, Great Depression-like debacle, and more the triumph of man over nature and a shining example of entrepreneurial conquest. It’s hard to get workers to understand they’re personal health, safety, and desires don’t matter as long as production keeps going, so I would suggest employers hand out copies of The Fountain Head along with worker pink slips in the upcoming months.
  • In this week’s Guess Which Endorsement John McCain Received That He Would Rather Do Without: is it President Bush? Is it Joe McCain, John’s crazy brother who cursed out a 911 operator about there being too much traffic? Is it Neo-Con Ken Adellman, war advocate Colin Powell, or conservitve writer Christopher Buckley? Oh, that was Obama. Nope! This weeks John McCain endorsement he would rather do without? IT’S AL-QAEDA! On one of their websites this week Al-Qaeda endorsed senator John McCain for president. Experts say the reason for this is: a continuing of a Bush presidency is the best way for terrorist recruitment and if Osama Bin Laden’s goal was, as he stated, to bankrupt America, then McCain seems to be their man. Now, to be fair, Osama Bin Laden is no tenured professor, and citizen of the year, terrorist Bill Ayers, but I hear he is a pretty bad dude. 
  • Daily Kos and Alternet have posted a video of Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin saying that abortion clinic bombers aren’t terrorists, but criminals, a very important distinction only clear to Ms. Palin and some twitching, muttering supporters of hers that remain huddled in their desolate cabins until Jesus tells the to go save the babies. Ms. Palin and her running mate, John McCain, have been hammering the Obama’s campaign for Mr. Obama’s ties to Bill Ayers. Ayers founded the radical group Weather Underground, and the McCain/Palin ticket has been consistently referring to Mr. Ayers as a terrorist. Just in case there’s any confusion out there, any kind of bombing is a terrorist act, even if you think you’re doing it to kick ass for the Lord. By the way, where does the Bible say to bomb abortion clinics? It’s not like there’s a Book of TNT where it’s written: and the Lord said: KA-BOOM!
  • The New York Times reports that off duty military personal are dying…on motorcycles. Good work Times. In the last year, 58 soilders have died on bikes, yet over 4,000 have commited suicide upon return home. The New York Times – always almost dealing with the problem. 
  • Huffington Post reports that Sarah Palin’s home state of Alaska’s largest newspaper, The Anchorage Daily New, is endorsing…Barack Obama for president. This again goes to prove that if you overcharge your constituents for a hockey rink, leave them with $20 million dollars worth of debt, and charge them for their own rape kits, they WILL eventually turn on you.
  • Bill Krystal, Neo-conservative columnist for the New York Times, war architect, and villian straight out of a cartoon is attacking McCain handlers, for Sarah Palin’s bad reputation. Maybe McCain could have spent more money and gotten better handlers if he didn’t spend $22,800 on her makeup artists. Also, with Palin’s not believing in man-made global warming, her meetings with witch doctors, and not being able to name a single newspaper or Surpreme court case besides Roe V. Wade the only thing her handlers could have done is tie her up and keep her in a dark basement and that’s only legal in Alaska. Thanks, Sarah. 
  • Republicans are warning voters not to overwhelmingly elect Democrats this November as a government run by a single party would be, quote, Dangerous. Elizabeth Dole, Republican from North Carolina is running an ad that states: These liberals want complete control of government, in a time of crisis. All branches of government. No checks and balances. No debate. No independence. As ominous music plays in the background. It takes a special breed of asshole to broadcast their hypocrisy as a statewide ad. Carpetbagger Elizabeth dole accuses the Democrats of fascist behavior when it is her own party that has allowed torture, secret trials, wiretapping, illegal wars, government spying of peace groups, the firing of US attorneys, the threatening of journalists and editors, and the total abandonment of the poor, black, and sick. Where was the handwringing over totalitarian government during the Bush years? The Republicans should officially change their title to “Republicans: We Hope You Don’t Remember the Last 8 Years.”