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Huckabee Explains Why Gay Rights Are Not Civil Rights

Posted in civil rights by allisonkilkenny on November 19, 2008

michael-dale-huckabeeMike Huckabee appeared on The View and explained why the gay rights movement is not at all like the civil rights movement, and separate but equal gay rights is not at ALL like separate but equal for civil rights.

Spoiler alert: it makes no sense.

Huckabee reasons that the two are different because gays don’t “get their skulls cracked” in their struggle for equality. Joy, correctly, points out that gay-bashing does occur. Huckabee counters that he means the institutionalized sort of police skull-busting that occurred in the south.I would argue that the only reason that doesn’t happen is because our media would cover it and there would be a public outcry precisely because civil rights advocates went through that forty years ago. Therefore, the institutionalized form of discrimination is still there, but it’s a sneakier, softer kind of discrimination. They don’t blast gays with fire hoses, but they refuse them equal legal rights. It would be difficult to weigh which hurts more: getting blasted with a hose or being denied the privilege of sitting beside your loved one while he or she dies in a hospital bed.

This is a shameful chapter of our country, and people like Mike Huckabee are on the wrong side of history.

Watch the silliness unfold here.