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Republican IT Specialist Dies In Plane Crash

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connellwebDemocracy Now

A top Republican internet strategist who was set to testify in a case alleging election tampering in 2004 in Ohio has died in a plane crash. Michael Connell was the chief IT consultant to Karl Rove and created websites for the Bush and McCain electoral campaigns. Michael Connell was deposed one day before the election this year by attorneys Cliff Arnebeck and Bob Fitrakis about his actions during the 2004 vote count in Ohio and his access to Karl Rove’s email files and how they went missing.


Was California’s Anti Gay Proposition Fixed by Religious Zealots?

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Mark Crispin Miller

Early evening, Nov. 4, exit poll showing Prop 8 going down to defeat.

Later in that evening, after adding 72 respondents the exit poll figures switched to show a preference for “Yes.” (Screen shot)

Well, well, well. First we find out, happily, that We the People may not be so fiercely racist after all, as Election ’08 has debunked the (feeble) theory of “the Bradley effect.”

And now it turns out that Americans–at least those in gay-friendly California — may not really been as hostile to gay marriage as the outcome of that state’s election has apparently suggested.

As we think about the possibility that Prop 8 was not really passed by California’s voters, let’s note something that the press, and others, won’t discuss: i.e., that the entire apparatus of computerized voting in this country–the e-voting machines and op-scans and central tabulators, etc.–is largely owned by members of the Christianist far right.

Diebold and ES&S were both begun by Bob and Todd Urosevich, two ardent Oklahoma theocrats, while Triad, which makes the central vote tabulators used in Ohio in 2004, is owned by the Rapp family. SmartTech, the company that helped Bush/Cheney steal that state, is owned by evangelical Jeff Averbeck; and his associate Mike Connell, owner of GovTech Solutions, which also helped to steal Ohio, among other races, was motivated to such work by his desire “to save the babies,” according to Stephen Spoonamore.

Why are there so many Christianists among the owners of those companies?

Because the rigging of elections is the only way that that fringe movement ever could impose its theocratic program on the rest of us. As Paul Weyrich used to say out loud, the Christianists despise democracy. After all, that system, if allowed to stand, would put the sinful secular majority in charge–and that can’t be allowed.

And so, whether or not it turns out that Prop 8 was rigged to pass, we need to take a good hard look at those machines, and at the companies that own them–and keep them out of our elections.

Meanwhile, let’s all stop assuming that last week’s outcome was legitimate, and look closely at the evidence around Prop 8.

Mark Crispin Miller

5 Steps To Protect Your Vote

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Here are 5 steps you should immediately take if you encounter harassment or other problems at the polls:


1) Video Your Vote If possible, plan ahead for any problems by bringing a video camera with you to Video the Vote. Then, spread it around (send it to us and we’ll help). Remember, the focus should be on gathering evidence and not telling stories. So, use video, audio, photographs, get names and phone numbers of witnesses, as well as voting machine serial numbers, names of poll workers, and document the time of day.

2) At the First Sign of a Problem, Stop* At the first sign of a problem with your machine (or if you have any other problem listed below), stop what you are doing and ask to speak to the supervisor (skip the poll worker) at your polling location. Explain your problem. If they try and waive you off, call your main election commission numberand ask to speak to the election commissioner until your problem is satisfactorily addressed. Keep in mind that many poll workers/supervisors will try and blame the voter aka “operator error.” Do not leave your polling place until your problem is well-documented and addressed to your complete satisfaction and, if the problem is with the machine, that the machine is quarantined. Oh, and you get to vote.

3) File a Report. File Several Reports. Your local polling place will have incident reports available to you. If they do not, call the main election commission for your county and ask for someone to bring one to you. Make sure that both you and the supervisor sign it. An example of a report is here (Hat tip: Wake Up and Save Your CountryVoters Guide). The U.S. Election Assistance Commission also lists on their website where you can find out how to file a report in! your state. Again, the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-Our-Vote can also help with any questions in this area.

4) Call the Election Protection Hotline Report you incident to the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-Our-Vote, especially if you feel you are being bullied or your incident is not being taken seriously. The ACLU has a hotline as well at 1-877-523-2792. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Greg Palast offer suggestions as well in their comic

5) Pledge to Stand Up to Stolen Elections Go to and pledge to not concede until every vote is counted – and counted as cast.

Say NO to NYC Electronic Voting Machines

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From MCM:

This is the first in a series of quick & simple actions designed to stop computerized voting from coming to NYS and Help Save Our Lever voting machines by letting our Election Commissioners, elected representatives and the press hear from you: New Yorkers who will not be silent while our secure voting system is replaced with “crap”.*

Please choose one of the sample letters below and email to the NYS Election Commissioners at Make sure the subject line says “Share with all election commissioners”

We know everyone is pressed for time but the impact of your letter will be enhanced if you are also able to cc your letters to:
—  your local election commissioners – , —  your state representatives for email addresses,
—  your local media – -for media click on # 8 “media guide.”

We encourage you to personalize your letters if you desire and please include your email address and your town. Scroll to end of letters for important information.
Here are the letters to choose from:

1)  Dear Commissioners,

As a citizen of New York and resident of (fill in the blank) County I am appalled to learn that New York still intends to replace our dependable and transparent lever voting machines with electronic voting systems which the consensus of scientific experts has deemed too unreliable and insecure and about which the National Institute of Standards and Technology has stated “experience in testing software and systems has shown that testing to high degrees of security and reliability is from a practical perspective “not possible.”

As election commissioners who have sworn an oath to protect the voters of New York, the state legislature will heed your advice. The requirements of HAVA have now been met through the provision of ballot marking devices at every polling place. I implore you now to inform the legislature what common sense, your professional experience and oath of office demand – that secure, transparent and reliable elections depend upon the retention of our lever machines and the rejection of electronic optical scanners and DREs.

Yours Sincerely,
2)  Dear  Commissioners,

We look to you to uphold your oath of office to protect the voters of New York. Our county election commissioners cannot fulfill their oaths to do the same if you blind them with computerized vote counting machines that renders the process they are responsible for, invisible. We have been watching and reading and we know that software-driven voting machines are “insufficient to guarantee a trustworthy election.” (Project EVEREST/, Ohio Secretary of State, 2007). Do not certify computerized machines that have been shown to allow one person “…with temporary access to a single voting machine” to steal the entire election. (California’s Top-to-Bottom Review, 2007). Indeed you cannot in good faith certify machines when the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the agency which advises the US Election Assistance Commission on the writing of federal voting system standards, has already found that, ” …testing to high degrees of security and reliability is from a practical perspective not possible.”



Dear Commissioners,

We look to you to uphold your oath of office to protect the voters of New York. We have been following the progress of New York’s certification testing of the optical scan voting systems, including your weekly reports to Judge Sharpe and your public Commissioners meetings. As your best efforts have shown, you cannot in good faith “certify” any software-driven voting systems. This should come as no surprise however, since the National Institute of Standards and Technology has already found that, “…testing to high degrees of security and reliability is from a practical perspective not possible.” (Requiring Software Independence in VVSG 2007, Nov. 2006)
We know from the experience of other states that software-driven voting systems are “insufficient to guarantee a trustworthy election.” (Project EVEREST, Ohio Secretary of State, 2007). Please do not certify computerized machines that have been shown to allow one person “…with temporary access to a single voting machine” to steal the entire election. (California Secretary of State’s Top-to-Bottom Review, 2007).
We ask you to PLEASE SAVE OUR LEVER VOTING SYSTEM. Return the Title I HAVA money, and continue to provide and perfect accessible ballot markers for voters with special needs to comply with HAVA using Title II funds. But please do not ask the vast majority of New York’s voters to trust that the software will get it right on election night, when this is impossible to guarantee.


If you have not yet signed the PETITION to stop computerized voting and save our levers please go to