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Citizen Radio Live! with The Nation’s Chris Hayes, The Onion’s Joe Randazzo

Posted in Citizen Radio by allisonkilkenny on June 5, 2010

Joe Randazzo (The Onion) and Chris Hayes (The Nation) (Screengrab by Zach Roberts)

The audio from last week’s Citizen Radio Live! at the UCB Theatre in NYC is up here. (The video of the event is posted at Citizen Radio’s Youtube channel). Guests included: Chris Hayes (The Nation, Rachel Maddow,) Joe Randazzo (The Onion,) hilarious comic W. Kamau Bell, and the beautiful musicians Emilyn Brodsky and Anthony Da Costa.

The next Citizen Radio Live! will be on July 19th at 9:30PM, featuring musician and activist, Moby! More guests TBA. Keep checking back here for an announcement when tickets are officially for sale. And you’ll definitely want to get tickets fast because this one will sell out.

Citizen Radio airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Subscribe to the show for free here.

Citizen Radio with guest Paul Provenza, author of ‘Satiristas’

Posted in comedy by allisonkilkenny on May 26, 2010

Listen here.

Citizen Radio airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on BTR. Subscribe to the show for free on iTunes.

Citizen Radio spends the entire hour with comic, author, and star of the new Showtime series “The Green Room,” Paul Provenza! Follow Paul on Facebook and Twitter.

Paul is the director of the film The Aristocrats in addition to being a comic and author of Satiristas, which features beautiful portraits by photograph Dan Dion, the last interview with George Carlin, an interview with Citizen Radio’s own Jamie Kilstein, and also interviews with Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, Lewis Black, Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson, Conan O’Brien, Robin Williams, Richard Lewis, Roseanne Barr, the Smothers Brothers, Tom Lehrer, Lily Tomlin, in addition to the creators, writers, and producers of The Daily Show, South Park, Mr. Show, This Is Spinal Tap, Wonder Showzen, Kids in the Hall, Freaks and Geeks,

Superbad, The Simpsons, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Saturday Night Live, and more!

As always, you should support your local bookstore, but in case they don’t carry Satiristas, pick up a copy at Amazon.


Atheism, New Orleans, and Hip Hop

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crlogo300x300This week on Citizen Radio

Allison and Jamie discuss Atheism, Desmond Tutu, and play the second half of their interview with Princeton professor and author, Melissa Harris-Lacewell.

Listen here.

There are Atheism groups popping up all over the country, but they have yet to rival the church with social welfare projects. Jamie proposes a solution for this.

In part two of her interview, Melissa Harris-Lacewell discusses New Orleans, James Perry, America being post-racial (it’s not,) hip-hop and the notion of “Ride or Die,” and what makes her happy.

Citizen Radio airs every Wednesday (and replays throughout the week) over on BTR.

Drunken Politics Talks With Irish Comic/Lawyer, Keith Farnan, About the Death Penalty

Posted in comedy, human rights, politics by allisonkilkenny on February 11, 2009

Listen here:

Keith Farnan

Keith Farnan

Feel free to repost & tell your friends about the hilarity and all the KNOWLEDGE they’re about to get dropped on their heads.

Drunken Politics is on BTR (Breakthru Radio) every Wednesday.

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Join Drunken Politics on Facebook!

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Every Wednesday on BTR

Every Wednesday on BTR

Drunken Politics has a new fan page on Facebook.

Drunken Politics is a political-comedy radio show hosted by Allison Kilkenny and Jamie Kilstein. It’s basically CNN, but with way more swearing. We solemnly swear to bring you the real news (the unreported, underreported, and most essential stories) without mentioning any celebrities. 

Lots of critics have said very nice things about our show, which we know you’ll love if you just give it a listen! If you’re already a fan, spread the word about us, and send your apathetic, hipster douchebag friends our way!

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New Drunken Politics Episode

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Every Wednesday on BTR

Every Wednesday on BTR

Newest episode thisaways!

Drunken Politics: Like CNN, but with way more swearing.

— Or —

Drunken Politics: Politics for people who hate politics.

— Or — 

Drunken Politics: Watch us or you’ll be sorry.

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BreakThru Radio introduces Drunken Politics to the iPhone and iTouch

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Listen to Drunken Politics on BreakThru here!

The show will be available all week on BreakThru

Join us today with Ralph Nader @ 3pm EST!

Now @ BreakThru Radio!

Listen to our show TODAY for the very special premiere on BreakThru Radio and then listen to us every Wednesday on BreakThru! Remember: support independent media so we can avoid whoring ourselves out to corporations!



New York, NY – BreakThru Radio introduces Drunken Politics to the iPhone and iTouch on-demand today. Your daily dose of alternative news. Drunken Politics Radio is for young people disillusioned with corporate media and a political system that doesn’t speak to them.

The other news channels claim young people are disengaged, apathetic citizens with no interest in politics or world news. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Barack Obama’s unprecedented on-line campaign demonstrates how engaged and enthusiastic young people are to participate in their government, and a recent New York Times article reports that young people are more liberal, and are more enthusiastic than ever about politics.

Drunken Politics caters to this untapped and impassioned demographic by speaking in a funny, informal jargon that the youth understands. The show balances satire and comedy with the real, important stories that viewers will never see or hear on corporate channels.

Hosts Jamie Kilstein (Comedy Central, BBC) and Allison Kilkenny (Huffington Post, The Nation) combine the political and the funny to present the news in a fresh, exciting way that young people love and understand. Past and future guests include Ralph Nader, Paul Provenza (Director of the Aristocrats) winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance and director of Why We Fight Eugene Jerecki, and recently Independent Vice Presidential candidate and Ralph Naders running mate Matt Gonzalez called them the two best journalists he has ever talked to.

iPhone and iTouch users simply need to navigate to BreakThru Radio in Safari on their device. Once there they will be presented with a series of drop-down menus which allow them to choose the on-demand show they want to hear.

About Breakthru Radio

BreakThru Radio (BTR) is the World’s Source for the Best Independent Music on the Internet, where expert DJs expose the rich underground of sound not found on commercial radio. Whether it’s death metal, dancehall, dubstep, hip-hop, indie rock, skronk, roots country, reggae, electronica, acid jazz, ambient beats, dub, two-step or folk, whatever genre you can imagine, BTR has it well-stocked, and with no expiration date.

In a world where independent music is becoming infinitely more accessible on the Internet, the need for informed sources to filter out the best of it has become a necessity. Unfortunately, this wealth of relevant music simply cannot be found on the graveyard known as commercial radio. Serious music aficionados are beyond sick and tired of feeling victimized by the expendable airwaves ejaculated by the old corporate radio structure.

Their frustration, however, is at an end. “Music for music lovers,” is BTR’s motto, and one that its DJ’s take very seriously.

BTR offers its listeners unlimited access to underground music, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, with a daily audience that includes more than two dozen countries. With its unique on-demand musical programming and focus on the best in new, independent music, it’s no surprise the site has well over 1,000,000 listeners daily, the majority of which are aged 13-24 years old.

BTR is constantly evolving, and 2007 saw the creation of a unique BTR Facebook application, making it possible for Facebook users to install a miniature version of BTR’s unique media player upon their personal pages. Also, independent video coverage was added to BTR, as well as top-notch editorial content and an intuitive global show calendar. Plus, BTR’s live musical content experienced immense growth, with exclusive recordings from Ardent Studios (Memphis, Tennessee), Old School Studios (Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom) and Dubway Studios (New York City, New York) becoming part of BTR’s regular show schedule. In fact, you could say that BTR has taken everything a music fan could ever need or want, and put it all into one cohesive website, completely free of charge to is users.

Unlike other radio stations, BTR offers complete on-demand programming; a first in internet radio. Listeners can cater to their specific musical preferences, whatever the genre, and at the same time discover the best independent and unsigned artists from across the world.

BreakThru Radio (BTR) is the World’s Source for the Best Independent Music on the Internet, where expert DJs expose the rich underground of sound not found on commercial radio. Whether it’s death metal, dancehall, dubstep, hip-hop, indie rock, skronk, roots country, reggae, electronica, acid jazz, ambient beats, dub, two-step or folk, whatever genre you can imagine, BTR has it well-stocked, and with no expiration date. 954 Lexington Ave., Suite 199, New York, NY 10021 Copyright 2008 BreakThru Radio. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.