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White supremacist bemoans low pay from New York Times

Posted in media, right-wing extremism by allisonkilkenny on June 21, 2010

The Bell Curve. Some other book I found on Google images by searching "Charles Murray white supremacist"

My friend Allen McDuffee has been busting his ass on a new blog called Think Tanked that you should all check out. Today, he posted an interesting little nugget about AEI’s Charles Murray, a white supremacist, but the “socially acceptable” kind that gets to write New York Times op-eds.

In a post titled “Arthur Sulzberger Needs YOU!,” Charles Murray takes his distaste over his payment from the New York Times to the AEI blog.

To all my fellow ink-stained wretches, a heads up. I got my check from the New York Times for an op ed that was published a few weeks ago. It was for $75. Not that anyone has ever paid the mortgage by writing op eds, but $75 for 800 words written for The Greatest Newspaper In the World is… how shall I put this? Weird. Do you suppose the red ink has really gotten that bad?

Yes. It’s true–not good at all. But what’s weird, actually, is posting something for the New York Times complaint department on the AEI blog.

Yeah, the writing world is a real harsh mistress, isn’t she, Charles?

This particular criticism isn’t only odd, as Allen pointed out, but also darkly hilarious. Here we have a white supremacist finally speaking up, not to defend his horrible beliefs, but to complain about his pay from the nation’s supposed shining example of journalistic integrity [insert hysterical laughter here]. At the same time, the media has been trying its damnedest to ignore the frequent and increasing instances of right-wing extremism in this country, a trend that I have reported on at length.

I wrote the following last month:

There has been a surge in right-wing extremism in the U.S., copiously documented by groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, but which was also predicted by Homeland Security. In fact, the report warned that right-wing extremists, who are “angry at the economy and the election of a black president” might recruit GWOT veterans.

I have been writing about how white domestic terrorism has slipped from the media’s radar, but sadly, it seems like the government is also uninterested by the surge in right wing extremism — possibly because such violence doesn’t fit the helpful war narrative of the “dangerous other” being brown, and from a desert landscape.

There have been a couple recent domestic terrorist attack that have been largely ignored by the media and government:

Robert Joos Jr.

A firearms and explosives expert suspected of involvement with two white supremacist brothers in the sending of a bomb to the office of a municipal diversity officer was sentenced to 6½ years in prison in Missouri on Tuesday.

And then there is the unknown man who bombed a mosque in Florida.

Unlike in the case of Faisal Shahzad, these bombs actually detonated. In a rational world, these stories would probably receive considerably more coverage than the Shahzad incident, but again, Shahzad, a Muslim Pakistani-American, fits the narrative of a “dangerous domestic threat with foreign roots.” Joos and the unknown man don’t fit that character description.

C&L also highlighted this extremely disturbing story that somehow didn’t make it onto the national media’s radar.

It kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it, why Arizonans — and particularly the Arizona media, not to mention the national media — never picked up on the case of Shawna Forde and her gang of rogue Minutemen, who invaded the home of a Latino family near the border in Arizona and shot them, killing the father and his 9-year-old daughter in cold blood as she pleaded for her life, and wounding the mother — who managed to get her own gun and shoot back, wounding one of the killers.

Even more incredible, really, is that this 911 call from the wounded mother received so little attention at the time, much less that it did not become a focus of Arizonans fretting about violent crime.

You can listen to the 911 call by following the link. All I can say is it’s heartbreaking, and that really doesn’t do it justice. This woman just witnessed the murder of her daughter, and her husband. She was shot by the extremists, managed to fend them off with a handgun, and she’s apologizing to the operator for cursing as she sobs, “Oh my God, I can’t believe they killed my family.”

So here we have all the classic “media friendly” elements of a story: high drama and violence. If such a story went down in the northern suburbs to a white family, there would be armies of network news vans parked across lawns – camped out for days, weeks, months. But this happened in the poor south, to a [spit] Latino family. The media barely touched the story.

Because there has been so little scrutiny of these right-wing extremists, people like Russell Pearce feel comfortable enough now to organize his neo-Nazi pals to patrol the border with weapons.

As I blogged back in May, Ready and fellow neo-Nazi Harry Hughes have been going on illegal alien “patrols” in Pinal County’s Vekol Valley, dressed in camouflage and armed with assault rifles.

“Camouflage or earth tone clothing [is] preferred,” according to the announcement. “Bandanas, balaclavas, or other identity concealing items are permissible and encouraged.”Now Ready has announced a “Border Ops” alert for this Saturday via his profile on the white supremacist New Saxon site, inviting participants to “bring plenty of firearms and ammo.”

Ready’s statement promises that, “This is the Minuteman Project on steroids! THE INVASION STOPS HERE!”

That’ll end well.

Domestic extremism is now so tolerated, and in some cases, actively encouraged by sitting politicians, that neo-Nazis feel like they have carte blanche to parade around, wearing camouflage in the desert, shooting Latinos. Awesome.

The extreme right feels so unthreatened by the sane members of society that the only backlash the media has felt for their shameful one-sided coverage of terrorism — something only brown foreigners do, but doesn’t apply to white guys who fly planes into an IRS building, or blow up US mosques — that the only complaint they’ve received is from another white supremacist.

Murray, whose work has been called “a scabrous piece of racial pornography masquerading as serious scholarship” by Bob Herbert, didn’t have much to say about neo-Nazis gunning down brown people. The man just thinks $75 is chump change. I kind of agree. Some of Murray’s conservative colleagues may disagree with us, though, and accuse him of “shaking down” the Times.

Seriously, Murrs. Calling them out on the AEI blog? What up with that?

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  1. 25thcenturygirl said, on June 22, 2010 at 12:48 am

    shocking that the Times was able to scam the genetically brilliant Mr. Murray.

  2. clambake said, on June 23, 2010 at 12:15 pm

    I’ll have to check out that Think Tank Blog!

    What a great idea. They could use some scrutiny.

  3. Tyler Bass said, on June 24, 2010 at 4:47 pm

    Actually, I guess technically speaking, given his findings, Murray is an East Asian supremacist.

    I’m glad they paid him so little, but I agree that his rate is surprising. Without a college degree a few years ago, a Media General subsidary paid me more.

  4. Tyler Bass said, on June 24, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    But not for an op-ed. Granted. But a similar word count freelancing.

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