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Drunken Politics on Breakthru Radio

Posted in Barack Obama by allisonkilkenny on November 7, 2008

Drunken Politics is now on Breakthru Radio every Wednesday! This is in addition to our regular shows on Blogtalk Radio, which will return every Wednesday @ 11pm EST and Sunday @ 3pm EST starting November 26. When we come back from hiatus, we’ll have Noam Chomsky on our show.

In the meantime, this is the new site where Drunken Politics will air: There will be a couple NEW episodes airing here to tide you over during the hiatus. 

This show is MUCH better quality, which will come as a relief to those of your sick of hearing Jamie get disconnected and Allison swear profusely.

If we get a ton of traffic on this new site, we’ll get to increase the number of shows we do every week. Basically, we need to show that Drunken Politics is in demand.

A new episode will be up every Wednesday at noon. The current episode has clips from Jamie’s new standup CD, a final fuck you to George Bush, Allison’s new political ad, and Independent vice-presidential candidate Matt Gonzalez, and former presidential candidate, Ralph Nader.

And next Wednesday we spend the hour with Eugene Jerecki, who won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance for his film Why We  Fight. We talk about his new book The American Way of War, Barack Obama, and what we can do to stop the brutal Military-Industrial complex. We taped the interview today and trust us, you want to listen to it. He was fucking brilliant.  

Finally, as you probably know, it is very easy to get swept up in the Obama craze, assume we won and stop paying attention to anything political, but California’s ban on gay marriage passed. Not only did it pass, but it passed in a state where Obama housed! Which means people we know, Democrats, voted to take rights AWAY from people in 2008. 

We need to get the word out about the damage this is doing. We are not a free society unless all of our citizens have equal rights. Go to to sign a petition to undo this miscarriage of justice. 

Also there are a few limited edition CDs of Jamie’s stand-up left at

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