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New Video Evidence of Attack on the Hempstead 15

Posted in civil rights by allisonkilkenny on October 22, 2008

This video was captured by Bill Perry, one of IVAW’s most active allies. It clearly shows Nick Morgan and others on the sidewalk when the horse began to trample people.

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more about “Police RIOT at Hofstra vs. IRAQ VETERANS“, posted with vodpod

On Wednesday, October 15th 2008, a peaceful protest outside the third Presidential Debate at Hofstra University on Long Island was met with violence and misconduct by police.

Iraq Veterans Against the War had a clear mission that night: to ensure that the issues most important to Veterans would be at the forefront of the debate. With over 4,183 service members having been killed in Iraq (at the time of the protest), it’s unforgivable that the candidates have been allowing the Occupation of Iraq and it’s casualties to fall into avoidable talking points instead of focused attention.

At 7:00pm the night of the debate, IVAW members led a contingent of a few hundred peaceful protesters to the main gate of Hofstra University. As per our letter to Moderator Bob Scheiffer, because we hadn’t received notice that two of our Veterans would be allowed to enter the debate to address the candidates, a small, uniformed contingent of Veterans physically attempted entry.

Immediately police began arresting those who “crossed the line”. They then began using horses to physically knock protesters back away from the Hofstra gates.

As the order to get back on the sidewalk was being complied to at least one officer charged his horse up the curb, and onto the sidewalk- directly resulting in at least three injuries- including two Iraq Veterans.

Nick Morgan, a former Army Sergeant was trampled, knocked out, and had his face crushed by the hoof of a horse.

Witnesses say that police left him unconscious on the sidewalk for up to ten minutes before arresting him. Nick, disoriented and obviously suffering a concussion, was initially refused medical treatment beyond a simple piece of gauze taped to his face.

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  1. Tyler Sid said, on October 22, 2008 at 12:26 pm

    right on..if corporate media actually did its job we would see more of this…just like violence out at St. Paul…

  2. emily forman said, on October 22, 2008 at 11:06 pm

    We just released this footage of Nick Morgan being trampled:

    Not only are they clearly on the sidewalk, so is Officer Quagliano’s horse when the vets are knocked to the ground and he steps on Morgans head. More information will continue to be posted at and video stills can be seen at

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