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State-by-State Election Update

Posted in voter disenfranchisement by allisonkilkenny on October 21, 2008

From John Gideon:

15 days until Election Day.

Election officials in Jacksonville Florida must not have done the required Logic and Accuracy testing on all of their optical scan machines to be used in early voting. Nearly half of the optical scan machines in use in the city failed because they indicated the ballot was too long. This is clearly an error that should have been 
discovered in pre-election Logic and Accuracy testing. The problem is also being reported in other counties in the state and is being attributed to the machines purchased by the state.

Voters in Houston Texas were faced with long lines for the first day of early voting. Long-lines in some voting sites caused by failures of the computers used to check-in the voters. There were also some reports of voters who voted straight-party Democrat only to find that their Presidential selection was given to the Republican.

Featured – FL: Jacksonville – Early Voting off to Rough Start

Featured – FL: Leon County – Ballots not being recorded at two Leon County polling places

Featured – TX: Houston – Voters turn out in force for historic campaign

Featured – WV: Ireland Says No Major Problems With Early Voting

National: Snopes confirms danger of Straight Ticket Voting (STV)

National: Are voting machines reliable? DVICE looks at every type — in every state

National: Obama Assembles U.S.’s `Largest Law Firm’ to Monitor Election

National: Heavy Voter Turn Out Nationwide Could Cause Delays at Polls

National: YouTube, PBS urge Americans to record voting problems

National: Class voting hacks prompt call for better audits. University exercise illustrates the potential for electronic vote tampering

National: Eight Years After Bush v. Gore, Why is There Still So Much Election Litigation and What Does This Mean for Voter Confidence in the Electoral Process?

National: CountTheBallots (CTB) Calls for ‘Citizen Audits’ on Election Day – Warns of Widespread Fraud{6213A17F-0BA6-4A58-A3D1-A9573EAA1A47}&dist=hppr

National: Protect Your Vote – Carry This Number

AL: Bulging voter lists invite election fraud

AZ: Arizona expects less wait at polls. Early balloting, more sites aim to reduce winding lines

AZ: Pima County – Help AZ Candidate Restore US Election Integrity

CA: County registrars are scrambling to keep up with new voter rolls. In some California counties, officials are doubling up on polling machines, ballots and workers, and even hiring people to direct traffic.,0,7589384.story

CO: Colorado will be under watchful eyes of media, monitors on Election Day

FL: Long lines, a few glitches mark start of early voting in South Florida

FL: Duval County – Machine Problems Plague 1st Day Of Early Voting Metro Counties See Brisk Turnout, No Problems

FL: Miami-Dade County – Early voting draws lines at some Dade polling places

FL: Past voting gaffes put Palm Beach County in spotlight

FL: Pasco County – Early Voting Turnout Higher Than Expected

GA: Ga. secretary of state faces slew of voter issues

IL: Early voting in DuPage exceeds expectations

MD: Md. US attorney creates election fraud task force

NJ: NJ Judge Allows Release of Princeton Report Critical of Sequoia Voting Systems Sequoia Counters With a Strongly Worded Response That Does Not Answer The Critical Question: Do Their Machines Count Votes Accurately?

NJ: Editorial: Our election systems still beset by flaws

NV: Washoe County – Early voters line up to cast their election ballots

NY: State finds some county election boards unprepared Schuyler among 18 county offices across state checked by officials

NY: Ulster County – Kingston, Ulster towns get nailed in voting upgrade. County passes on cost of 2009 election

PA: Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth Outraged at Partisan Lawsuit Attempting to Undermine Voter Confidence{AA1B4F2A-3174-4C4D-996D-CB0C444E55F6}&dist=hppr

PA: Allegheny County says voting machines ready

SC: League questions voting machines

TX: Big Texas turnout on first day of early voting

TX: Denton County voters urged to use paper ballots

TX: Galveston – Voting Rights Watch: Post-Ike displacement could cause voting problems for Galveston

UT: Study: Utah vote devices unreliable

VA: Local precincts bracing for flood of voters. Registrar officials have had to get more voting equipment and poll workers to handle the crowds.,0,6267498.story

WV: Paperless Electronic Voting Machines Flipping Votes from Obama to McCain in West Virginia

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