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State-by-State Election Update

Posted in voter disenfranchisement by allisonkilkenny on October 18, 2008

From John Gideon:

18 days until Election Day

Today was a day for court decisions. Finally a judge in New Jersey has released the Princeton University report on the state’s Sequoia Voting Machines. Earlier Sequoia had released their response to the report. After the recent failures of their voting systems in Palm Beach Co. Florida and Washington DC Sequoia must be very concerned about this report and what it contains. One item of note is that the inspection and resulting report was the result of an election problem that called into question the accuracy of the Sequoia Advantage voting system. The cause of that failure is discussed in the Princeton report but that section of the report is one of the only sections that Sequoia ignores.

Also this morning the Supreme Court sided with the voters of Ohio and freed the Secretary of State and county election officials from a ruling by a lower court that would have caused as many as 200,000 voters to lose their right to vote in this election.

Featured – Insecurities and Inaccuracies of the Sequoia AVC Advantage
9.00H DRE Voting Machine

Featured – OH: Ohio Democrats Win at Top U.S. Court in Voting Fight

National: Robert Koehler – Our national juncture

National: Report Card: How States Fix Voting Machine Issues

National: E-Vote: Report Sends Wake-Up Call to Election Officials

National: States warned to prep for election glitches

National: Americans put revamped voting technology to test

National: Big turnout, long lines expected at the polls
Officials say they are ready for vote

National: Study: Ohio ready for election, Ky.’s not

National: Several US states not ready for accurate e-voting – report

National: The Election Protection Wiki: A Dynamic Website Helps Safeguard America’s Right to Vote

National: Coalition mobilizes to protect the vote

AZ: State has ongoing criminal inquiry on RTA election, Goddard confirms

CA: San Diego County – Walk the Vote! A Pre-emptive Strike on Voter Fraud in Our Fine City

CO: New Colorado Voters Are Told to Reregister After Failure to Check
Box on Form

CO: Study: Colorado Not Ready for Voting Problems

CO: Rise in Voting by Mail Transforms Race in Colorado

CO: Election readiness panned

CO: Colorado election snafu roundup: Are we ready for Nov. 4?

CT: 90% voter turnout predicted for Connecticut

CT: Bysiewicz: No one in Connecticut will be disenfranchised due to home foreclosure

IL: Cook County – Early voters on track to set record

IN: Delaware County – Dems: Expect long lines on Nov. 4
Democrats are warning voters to expect long lines on Election Day,
while Republicans accuse Democrats of grandstanding.

IN: Shelby County – Power cord puts kink in test
Officials plan to check voting machines Tuesday

MD: Study: Md. Not Ready For All Election Problems

MO: Show Me the Vote! Gears Up for November Election to Protect Voters from Disenfranchisement

MO: Missouri voting system ranked as one of most ready

NC: N.C. votes are in — early voting already underway

NJ:  Judge agrees to release voting machine report

NJ: Sequoia Voting Systems Refutes Academic Report Related to Court
Case on the Constitutionality of Electronic Voting in New Jersey{A652EF08-9D4C-4C1C-8FF5-05DB4AAD1DCB}&dist=hppr

NJ: Judge releases report on NJ voting machines

NJ: Reports claim tampering risk in NJ voting machines

NJ: Jersey voting machines susceptible to hackers, report finds

NJ: Sensitive reports loom on electronic voting

NJ: Rep. Holt Statement on New Jersey Voting Report

NM: Dona Ana County – Elections official: concerns on vote tallies not true

NY: Audit: Are NY counties ready for Election Day?–votingmachines1017oct17,0,7275858.story

OH: Jennifer Brunner asks high court to decide ballot issue; hearing as early as Friday

OH: Q&A voting fraud

OH: Elections officials: Don’t expect results on Election Day

OH: Ohio Litigating Its Way Through Election Cycle
Partisan Distrust Rampant in Swing State

OH: Supreme Court Sides With Ohio Election Official

OH: High court rejects GOP in Ohio voting dispute
Republicans had won order that state do more to check eligibility

OH: Justices Rule Against Ohio G.O.P. in Voting Case

OK: State GOP to renew voter ID bill efforts

TX: Editorial – Don’t vote straight-ticket

TX: Texas faulted on preparations for Election Day

TX: One study hits Texas’ voting-equipment system; another praises election Web site

VA: Spin-free polls will smooth election

VA: Va. Election Preparations Inadequate, Study Finds

VA: Record voter registration, no sign of fraud

WA: Number of felons still may be on Wash. voter rolls

WI: “My Vote, My Right” program tackling voting rights abuses

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