Allison Kilkenny: Unreported

Update: State-By-State Voter Disenfranchisement

Posted in civil rights, voter disenfranchisement by allisonkilkenny on October 15, 2008


“Daily Voting News” for 10/14/08
From John Gideon:
21 days until Election Day

Officials in West Virginia have just identified a ballot programming error that will affect straight-party voting. How counties got through their “Logic and Accuracy” testing without discovering this error should give everyone a hint as to why it is important to do testing that is thorough and robust. As to responsibility for the error; all evidence points right back to ES&S, of course. This is more evidence that straight-party voting is not wise. Voters should skip the straight-part option completely and vote each race; but they need to vote each race.

Today the NJ judge involved in the Sequoia voting machine problems has ordered the state to tighten up security around the voting machines. She wants everyone back in court on Friday to discuss what actions are being taken to secure the machines. It is also expected that she will finally rule on releasing the Princeton University report on the Sequoia machines.

Featured – WV: Programming glitch affects ballots statewide
Mistake made by vendor, commissioner says

Featured – NJ: Judge seeks tighter security around N.J. voting machines

National: College Students Still Face Voting Stumbling Blocks,8599,1849906,00.html

National: Voting Rights Watch: Students still face many hurdles in
voting in this year’s election

National: Students may face challenge at voting booth

National: Opinion – Phantom Voters

National: This Election Labyrinth
It is the voters’ turn to speak for the disenfranchised

National: Election deja vu, all over again

National: OpEd: Stolen Votes and Stolen Elections

National: Watchdogs Ask: Is America Ready to Vote?{2FCB89B3-B535-4F7C-A5B2-9C8E6C822320}&dist=hppr

CO: Box Not Checked On Thousands Of Registration Forms

CO: Denver – Denver Doubling Number of Voting Booths

CO: Ouray County – Paper Ballot or e-Vote? County Offers Both

CT: Coalition Releases Audit Report on August Primary:
Raises concerns with audit credibility and potential problems for
November post-election audit

CT: Security of elections focus of speaker, films

FL: Shadow of 2000 election lives on in Sunshine state

FL: Orange County – Orange blames computer glich for erroneous voter letters,0,2674512.story

FL: Palm Beach County election officials prepare for worst,0,4990272.story

GA: Opinion – Don’t do it, Karen!

IL: Cook County – Eager voters flock to polls
Record number of voters visit Orland Park Village Hall for first day
of early balloting,101408voting.article

KY: Voting Goes Digital In Ky.

MI: Judge Orders Michigan To Stop Purging Voters

MI: Berrien County Clerk corrects misinformation

NC: Craven County – Voter rolls have grown at least 10 percent this year

OH: Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner on Voter Rights, Faulty
Electronic Voting Machines, Voter Fraud and GOP Voter Challenges

OH: Ohio voter fraud rare
Safeguards prevent ‘Mickey Mouse’ ballots

OH: What Happened to Ohio? (And Will It Happen Again?)

OH: Lucas CountyVoting rights group warns of Nov. 4 problems

OH: Putnam County – State official: Election computers not compromised

NJ: Judge seeks tighter security around N.J. voting machines

PA: Presidential ballot will be biggest test yet for new voting machines

PA: Editorial – Require notice of voter ‘purges’

TX: Travis County seeking 300 additional poll workers for election

UT: Study: Poll workers can boost or kill voter trust

VA: Study: Virginia Might Not Be Ready for Election Day

VA: Columnist – Will Virginia Polling Places Be Overwhelmed?

VA: Voter Registration Up in Rural Areas

WV: Voter registration winding down; early voting about to begin

WV: Day before early voting, glitch found with machines

WV: WV Finds Programming Error on Day Before Early Voting Begins

Scotland: Electronic vote count to return after ‘lessons learned’
from 2007 fiasco

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