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Protect Yourself and Your Vote!

Posted in civil rights, voter disenfranchisement by allisonkilkenny on October 9, 2008

From John Gideon via MCM:

Regular readers will notice that DVN is growing longer and longer as the election gets closer and closer. There will be a time, probably within a week of the election, when DVN will just be too long to be of use in a once-a-day publication. When that happens, as I have done in previous years, I will split DVN into a “Morning Edition” and “Evening Edition”.

One of the issues that bears watching is voter registrations. The news has contained many articles, of late, about the huge influx of voter registrations. Counties are under the gun to get the registrations completed and filed into the data base. The big question is will they be able to do it in the time they have left? How many voters who filed new registrations or changes in their registrations are going to end up being told they have to vote on a provisional ballot? And then either not have that ballot counted because the county has decided not to count provisional ballots because they won’t make any difference in the outcome as we have heard in the past; OR, have their ballot not counted because the county never did get the voters application processed? &&& Remember please, do NOT use the straight party option if you get that option. Take the extra few minutes and vote each race on the ballot.

National: Feds question new voter checks in 6 states

National: Battles rage over new voters Legal disputes loom as the political parties spar over voter lists,
new registrations

National: Election Protection Wiki Safeguards Voting Rights

National: Editorial – Avoid absentee voting trap

National: Hack-A-Vote

National: Students at Rice learn how vulnerable electronic voting really is

National: Electronic voting machines software extremely vulnerable to rigging

National: Voter registration speech draws few students

National: Security Expert: Diebold Voting Machines Desigined To Be Hacked

National: Is your vote safe? Allegations of voter fraud involving the widely used Diebold voting
machines continue to surface

National: Technology to Fight Voter Suppression ]

National: Declare Yourself Launches ‘Why Wait?’ Campaign Encouraging
Young People to Vote Early,572128.shtml

AL: Confusion reigns in Alabama over ex-felons’ ability to vote

AL: Madison County – Voting machine problem doesn’t stop the voting

CA: Riverside County – Former D.A. hired to oversee audit of county’s
Registrar of Voters office

CA: Riverside County – Election Probe Begins During Early Voting

CA: Riverside County – Former DA to oversee vote audit

CA: Riverside County – Supervisors back audit of Registrar of Voters office

CA: Riverside County – Election Probe Begins During Early Voting

CO: Colorado Not Prepared For Anticipated Turnout

CO: Coffman stout before election

FL: When ballots go bad

FL: Broward County – Tsunami Ahead
Nervous About Voting

FL: Collier County – 1,200 voters rush to meet registration deadline in Collier

FL: Palm Beach County – Florida Primary Recount Surfaces Grave Voting
Problems One Month Before Presidential Election

FL: Palm Beach County commissioners worry about legal nightmare on Election Day,0,1634215.story

GA: Column – Liberal group’s fraud shows voter ID need

IN: Vote can be tampered with easily
OIT officer says electronic voting software has minimum security

MD: Election officials expect long lines at local polls
Voters should bring sample ballots so they can finish more quickly

MT: Montana Republicans ABANDON voter challenges

MT: GOP Withdraws 6,000 Bogus Voter Challenges in Montana
Faced With a Lawsuit by State Dems, the Republicans Wave White Flag
of Surrender…

NC: Voting Myths Debunked

NJ: Expand options for early voting

NJ: Atlantic County – Clerk to allow e-mail ballots for military,
overseas voters

NM: Vote Count Error Caught in New Mexico Machines

NM: Officials find, fix glitch in New Mexico voting machine

NV: Voter Fraud? Officials Raise Concerns About Thousands of
Suspicious Voter Registrations
Group Facing Probe in Nevada Has Had Past Problems

OH: Voting sign-ups hit record
Ohio adds 665,949, to nearly 8.2 million

OH: Latest GOP Effort To Cancel OH Voter Registrations

OH: Q&A: E-voting security results ‘awful,’ says Ohio secretary of state
How bad? ‘I thought I was going to throw up,’ Jennifer Brunner recalls

OH: Despite Widespread Security Problems, Ohio Will Use Electronic
Voting Systems This Election

OH: Montgomery County – Board of Elections at stalemate over
monitoring of early voting

OH: Putnam County elections board fires chief

OH: Seneca County – Voter says ‘proof’ not in the voting

OH: Trumbull County – Valley boards prepare for voting option

OH: Trumbull County – Paper or Electronic?

OK: Pottawatomie County – Nation May Learn Who’s President Before
Shawnee Has A New Mayor

SC: Beaufort County – Equipment testing delays absentee voting another day

SC: Beaufort County residents taken advantage of absentee voting

SC: Beaufort County – Ballot machines are now running for early
voting at Beaufort office

SC: Official: Florence County received thousands of voter applications

SC: Sumter County – More young people get registered to vote

WI: Opinion – Electronic voting machines imperfect

Washington DC: A Pox on Board of Elections and Sequoia

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