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It’s Not a Cat Fight. It’s a Debate.

Posted in Barack Obama by allisonkilkenny on September 9, 2008

Yesterday, I posted an article about why Hillary is the perfect surrogate for a focused attack against Sarah Palin. Palin was chosen by McCain’s people to be an “every woman” — a plucky, sassy V.P., who could easily corral the Woman vote.

As part of her Focus Group-tested image, Palin has been masquerading as a Neo-Feminist. She has spewed painful rhetoric about being a glass ceiling-shattering political Maverick with a steel vagina.

No one has had the nerve to aggressively point out the obvious. Palin is inexperienced, and the Republican’s attempt to dress her up as Political Barbie is insulting to women everywhere. The reason Obama and Biden may be hesitant to point out Palin’s obvious flaws is that they fear being labeled sexist, which they probably would be by the vacuous mainstream media.

Palin is already doing damage to Obama’s campaign. Analysts claim Palin threatens Obama in areas that Clinton could sway votes, namely places with a large working-class, rural population. A Washington Post/ABC News poll released yesterday found John McCain has tied Obama mostly because he has gained support among white women since adding Palin to his ticket.

It seems obvious that a strong Palin condemnation from Clinton would stop the vote hemorrhaging. However, a former top aide to Clinton says the only reason people want to see Clinton take on Palin is out of some sick desire to see a “cat fight.”

This is insulting on several levels. A strong, focused attack on a political opponent’s record isn’t “catty” simply because both participants happen to possess vaginas, and it especially pains me that these words ejected from of a Democrat’s mouth.

The insanity continued with Clinton’s former campaign communications director, Howard Wolfson, who said “Don’t hold your breath. It’s not going to happen…It’s not in Hillary Clinton’s interest, and it’s certainly not in the interest of Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.”

Unity and stating the obvious are always in the Democratic Party’s best interest. The only reason I can attribute to Clinton’s bizarre behavior is that she is still nursing wounds from her primary loss. She wants to be President, but her refusal to condemn Sarah Palin is juvenile and weak — two words I never thought I could attribute to Hillary Clinton.

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