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Posted in BP by allisonkilkenny on September 6, 2008

Source: Democracy Now

US to Aid Georgia, Cheney Meets Oil Companies on Caspian Pipeline

The Bush administration has announced plans boost aid to Georgia following its conflict with Russia last month. The US will give Georgia $1 billion in reconstruction aid. The move coincided with Vice President Dick Cheney’s visit to several Caspian states. Cheney’s first stop was in Azerbaijan.

Vice President Dick Cheney: “Although we decided on this visit months ago, we met this evening in the shadow of the recent Russian invasion of Georgia, an act that has been clearly condemned by the international community. President Bush has sent me here with a clear and a simple message for the people of Azerbaijan and this entire region: the United States has deep and abiding interest in your well-being and security.”

Cheney also met with officials from Chevron and BP. The two oil giants are involved in the Caspian pipeline that runs from Azerbaijan through Georgia.

*Vice President Cheney: “The United States strongly believes that together with the nations of Europe, including Turkey, we must work with Azerbaijan and other countries in the Caucasus and Central Asia on the additional routes for energy exports that ensure the free flow of resources.”

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  1. shonda said, on September 6, 2008 at 3:02 pm

    So shocking that these assholes are motivated by oil pipelines. Did you hear the statement that he made about Russia using their oil and gas supplies to manipulate the world or some shit along those lines? I was half asleep when it came on the news, but I caught the key words.

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