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A Convenient Truth

Posted in politics by allisonkilkenny on April 23, 2008

I’ll make this brief: Hillary Clinton can’t win.

Her delegate gain barely budged, she’s behind in North Carolina, and even if she completely slaughters Obama in Indiana, she can’t make up for all the damage her insane husband and her woefully run campaign have already done.

The Huffington Post headline right now is: AND THE WINNER IS: JOHN MCCAIN.

I agree. The only candidate benefiting from this horse race is McCain, who continues to go unscrutinized by the media, which will next no doubt obsessively analyze the exit polls during the Guam primary instead of focus on, say, the fact that John McCain continually confuses Iran with Al-Qaeda.

I get what the Clintons are trying to do. They’re trying to create the illusion of victory. They’re trying to stir up a false sense of momentum to Hillary’s dead-in-the-water campaign in the hopes that vacant-eyed superdelegates will be wooed to their side during the DNC in Denver.

It won’t work. It would take a party coup of unprecedented magnitude to make that happen. It speaks to the ego-maniacal behavior of the Clintons that they believe that even has the SLIGHTEST chance of happening.

Anyone ever seen the excellent film Election? Yeah, the DNC is going to look like that: Barack Obama all smiles, waves, and baby kisses, while Hillary Clinton storms through the aisles, lower jaw protruding, as she wrenches arms and issues noogies until delegates sign her little petition.

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  1. Anonymous said, on April 23, 2008 at 3:16 pm

    I’m afraid you are right. McCain is the 3rd Bush regime’s term. The Demo’s have learned to be the fall guy since 2000. It must pay well, they seem to like it. After taking Congress, no investigation and no impeachment – just rubber stamping the police state policies of Bush & cronies. The glass ceiling in DC would never let a woman be Pres (hence Pelosi and no impeachment), and using Obama to defray the left is the basically the same way they used the right-wing religious whackos to elect Bush in 2000 and 2004. Dangle the left’s two favorite issues in front of them to divide them – race and gender. Genius.

  2. Ed McMonsterpants said, on April 23, 2008 at 3:58 pm

    I would caution anyone who doesn’t believe a Billary nomination is plausible. I’d be very shocked, in fact, if she wasn’t somehow “appointed” the “Democrat” nominee.

    While he’s nowhere above becoming a shill, there’s no room in powerful corporate or financial cabals for an Obama Presidency. There’s obviously a belief that Billary is very beatable, assailable, while, given the unpopularity of the “policies” of the Bush Administration, Obama may be tougher for their soulless, hegemonic puppet (McCain) to discredit. It should be conspicuously apparent to any thinking American that the collective, war-profiteering corporate media is tripping over itself to ensure this happens. I, for one, wouldn’t put it past them to pull off the “unthinkable.”

    A simple reopening of the “investigation” into the events of 9/11 should reveal to a majority of us (who may not be as skeptical) that this and other imperialist governments will stop at nothing to seize power and its people have become inconvenient speed bumps to that end.

    True Democracy in our lifetimes? Not without a major revolt from sick-up-and-fed, corporately-manipulated citizens and under-exercised regulatory enforcement and restructuring.

  3. Anonymous said, on April 23, 2008 at 5:15 pm

    The imperial presidency will continue with Hillary & Bill.
    Much in the same way that everything conveniently and “coincidentally” has gone Bush’s way over the last years, starting with the rigged election of 2000, the same has happened with Hillary: she was dead in the water before New Hampshire, yet her “victory” was explained away by her crying. She had to win Texas & Ohio-she lost Texas but it is still reported that she won and Ohio was explained away by an appearance on Saturday Night Live. Now, the pundits said she needed a double-digit victory in PA or her money would dry up. Lo and behold, she miraculously wins PA by 10% and immediately gets 3 million dollars. Add in the manufactured “bittergate” and the last rigged debate and it becomes more obvious.
    Look no further than her apocalyptic stance on Iran to see she will be the next imperialist President. The only hope for America and the world is that Ron Paul runs and people wake up sufficiently to make him the next President. I don’t think that can happen. Obama is likely in the loop and knows he is to be the fall guy, much like Kerry in ’04. An extra bonus for the overlords will be the disenfranchisement, to the point of elimination, of the black voting bloc.

  4. Billary McMonsterpants said, on April 23, 2008 at 11:35 pm

    Here’s a potential headline: Barack Obama = Fall Guy.

    As my evil twin wrote earlier, I will be pleasantly surprised if Obama is given the nod, at this point. Things have fallen just well enough for him to generate interest in this election. If Billary’s appointed the nominee, I will seriously consider citizenship in another country, as I’ve zero faith in her credibility with the American people. They might as well coin it now, pre-November, “The Bi-Polar Express.”

    To be clear, it has NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING to do with gender. If Barack Obama behaved the same way, I wouldn’t vote for him either. The Billary IS “a monster,” as Sam Power so appropriately put it. [shudder]

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