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Dissecting Rupert

Posted in Uncategorized by allisonkilkenny on July 3, 2007

In lieu of bitching about Rupert Murdoch’s New Corp consuming two more New York newspapers: The Bronx Times and the Bronx Times Reporter, I decided to give Rupey a chance and check out some of his other work. I breezed by the ole’ FOX News watering hole to closely examine the fine tradition of journalism brought to us by Mr. Murdoch’s news organization.
Since my computer crashed, I lost Photoshop, so I apologize for the blurriness of this screen shot. It’s from FOX News’s website. First of all, I find it positively charming that in the FOX News world Libby was “reprieved” instead of illegally pardoned by the president. Secondly, notice the other “lead-worthy” news item in the FOX World: 5 Killed in Manure Pit.

Why didn’t anyone tell me tragedy struck the FOX News studios? Get a shovel, Rupey!

Some other headlines:

Pizza Delivery Start-Up Offering Topless Pictures as Topping Choice
Knife-Wielding Robbers Cut, Steal Woman’s Hair
Woman Who Uses Feet as Hands Sues McDonald’s

Fox News, Bringing you a Tradition of Absurdity and Fear Since 1996.

PS: Not one story about Iraq. Not one.

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